Worst claim-paying insurance companies in Kenya

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We asked our readers to rate the insurance companies based on their claim payments, we later collaborated with a city lawyer to come up with the 20 worst claim paying insurance companies to take insurance cover with, in Kenya:

According to our readers, these are some of the worst insurance companies in Kenya

  1. OOcidental
  2. Amaco
  3. Xplico
  4. Tausi
  5. Trident
  6. Kenindia
  8. Pacis
  9. Intra Africa
  10. Pioneer
  11. Takaful
  12. The Monarch
  13. Metropolitan Canon
  14. First Assurance
  15. Invesco
  16. Corporate
  17. Resolution
  18. Kenya Orient
  19. Fidelity shield
  20. Jubilee

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