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Worlds Largest social media network for climate action on social media “We Don’t Have Time” opens its African headquarters in Kenya

Wedont have time Africa director Mr. Patrick Kiarie (in black) and Dr. Geoffrey Mariga, dean school of Computing at Muranga University of technology during the launch of the African Chapter of "We Don't Have Time"

“We don’t have time” The worlds largest social media network on climate change has launched its Africa headquarters in Kenya.

Speaking during the opening ceremony, the founder and CEO of the global organization Ingmar Rentzhog noted that “The continent that is affected the most by climate change is Africa” He noted that over one billion people live in Africa and yet the people of Africa were the most least responsible for the climate change.

According to the C.E.O, by opening its office in the African continent, the mission of We don’t have time was to change this narrative and turn the entire population of over 1 billion people in Africa, the continent into digital climate ambassadors. he said that when all the people of the entire universe get together and raise their voices, global leaders and heads of industries will have to listen and act on the climate warnings. He, therefore, urged all people to download the “We don’t have time” app, log in, and register as well as encourage as many people as possible to join the global movement.

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Speaking during the launch, the director of the African Chapter of the organization Patrick Kiarie noted that “As global leaders dilly–dally on taking action on the environment, Africa has been left to pay the price of continued environmental pollution. Today, the lives of over 1.3 billion Citizens of African nations are under severe threat. Climate change has put a risk on agricultural production, food security, water resources and the entire ecosystem in general for which African citizens heavily rely on for their daily lives. Yet as Africa continues to pay the price, its contribution to the global environmental pollution has been estimated to be about 2-3%. The entry of We don’t have time in Africa should offer as an opportunity to openly call for action and engage the global leaders in shifting focus to finding lasting solution to this problem” He urged everybody to unite and drive the message to those in power to take action on the issue of climate change in order to secure the lives of the future generations.

Some of the participants during the event at Thika Golf Club. Image/File

The guest speaker during the event Dr. Geoffrey Mariga noted that each of us had a role to play in order to arrest the rapid destruction of the environment. He attributed much of the conflicts in the world today as having a direct link to climate change including war, diseases as well as several natural calamities.

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During the launch, the global organization announced an ongoing competition for climate ambassadors to participate by writing an idea that addresses ”Climate Love” – praises good climate action; ”Climate idea”- suggesting new climate-friendly solutions or a ”Climate warning” – Which urges bad climate practices to stop all over the world. The best two ideas will win approximately $2500 (Ksh. 250,000)each and the third best idea will win $1000 (Ksh. 100,000)

To download the app, search “we don’t have time” on play store and register. you can also register via the web link . download and be a part of this conversation

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  • Very nice post.WDHT has stamped it’s relevant authority and presence on the African soil to sensitize, educate and amplify the voice of human and nature in the need for conservation for the sake of our future.