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Will Sonko get his seat back? Five judge bench to rule

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko and President Uhuru Kenyatta Image/courtesy

A ruling on whether former Nairobi city governor Mike Sonko will be reinstated to his position will be made today by the high court. A 3 judge bench comprising of Justice Chitembwe, Weldon Korir, and Winfred Okwany is expected to make a determination on a petition challenging Sonko’s impeachment by the Nairobi County assembly and its later adoption by the senate.

The judges are further exted to make a determination on the legality of the installation of Ann Kananu as the deputy governor.

In the petition, Omtata challenged the installation of Kananu as the deputy governor saying that the ex-governor revoked the nomination of Kananu on the 7th of december last year and thus she should not have been vetted for the appointment.

According to Omtata, the position of both the Nairobi Governor and deputy governor remains vacant and therefore, elections for both positions should be held in Nairobi.

On the other hand, Sonko has asked the court to find that his impeachment was unconstitutional.

According to political experts, at some point before the next elections, Sonko may find his way back to office courtesy of his closeness to President Kenyatta and the fact that people like Sonko are needed by every administration. Thus, before the coming elections, it would be a win to have Sonko on your political side; people in the streets adore him for his philanthropy. It should be noted that if Sonko leans with the Ruto side, his ability to mobilize people and his perceived closeness with the hustlers within Nairobi would be a big advantage to the Ruto side. It is therefore logical that at some point, Sonko will be sanitized and given his office back.

All that said and done, we can only wait for the courts ruling on the constitutionality of his impeachment.