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Why Jose Mourinho deserves more credit

Despite his decorated football record, Mourinho has for long been criticized than celebrated

Media thrives in publishing anything Mourinho

When it comes to Mourinho, the truth has often been ignored for short term media gain

He shot into fame by guiding Porto to fame in the battle for the champions league. This achievement, without even mentioning the other titles Jose Mourinho has won in his career will always stand out. This is because no other coach has achieved that before and after him and I can guess that nobody else will break that record in decades. His ability to turn a little unknown team with barely any recognizable players in the European league into European champions will always come out as the work of a genius, planned and executed in such finesse that from that time, the master “special one” has been a name that has never escaped the lips of any football fanatic globally.

Jose Mourinho is a man who commands love and hate in equal measure. Those who love him love him to the bone; and those who hate him detest him with an equal measure. From Porto, to Chelsea, to Inter Milan, Mourinho will always find love, his name will forever ring bells of triumph; of football ruthlessness and will always carry that joy of lifting the much sought after trophy all in celebration. But to Arsenal, Juventus and other teams that his wins rubbed the fans the wrong way, he will forever remain a detested tormentor whose name will be a constant reminder of the pain of losing to their rivals.

Some have accused him of being an anti-football and employing negative football tactics in pursuit of that elusive win. But this is far from the truth. There is all the evidence that indeed, Mourinho’s teams have for long played beautiful football. From the Chelsea of 05-06 to Real Madrid of 2012 when they managed a record 105 goals under him. But in any case as he has always said, nobody remembers a team for being the good football guys, we always remember the team that wins.

His tenure at Tottenham has been full of ups and downs, but there is a guarantee that given time, he will win trophies for spurs. All they will need to do is buy into his ideas, his tactics and as early as the 2020-2021 season there will be a trophy.