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Why dating Nigerian Men in Nairobi could be a death trap

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This article is not meant in any way to spread hate against any Nigerian National living in Kenya; it is my personal opinion based on the experiences of others and I believe it represents the views of a majority Kenyans.

Dating is good, it is beautiful, and I believe falling in love and being treated right, finding somebody who appreciates you in every way is the closest that you can ever come to experiencing a heaven on earth. But loving can be tricky just as a majority trick others to misplaced affection.

They say that love is a game of emotional manipulation, if this is indeed true, Nigerians and to some extent West Africans take this game to another level. Close to every Nairobi girl can confess this, as I am certain with their love for ‘earthly treasure’, they must have encountered the interest of our Nigerian brothers at one time or another. And if there are smooth guys, guys who will leave you mesmerized in love, then trust a Nigerian to take you to a world where a Luo man can’t.

This is brutal but true, Every Nigerian man in Kenya who is not in some genuine employment locally is a con, a pimp, a thief, or a drug dealer. Whatever nonsense they will tell you about looking to start a business locally is just part of a long term game of robbing you in style, getting you desperate in love, leaving you pregnant, and vanish into thin air. Nigerian men are the devils incarnate. The destruction they leave on Kenyan women will take years of Loyal Kenyan men to undo.

But the problem doesn’t start with Nigerian men, it starts with Nairobi girls. I know they say all women are materialistic, but truth be told, Kenyan women have taken the love for material wealth to another level. In their early 20’s a Nairobi girl has done more evils than the entire generation of our foremother did, they drink more than their fathers, and they will sleep with anything that can afford an expensive drink in a posh joint in the city. And just for a few selfies that she instantly posts on IG, Facebook or WhatsApp status just to show her friends that she is having ‘the life’, Nairobi girls so easily will sell their dignity.

Not many Kenyan men can afford the lives of our Nairobi girls, and that is where sponsors and Nigerian men come in. If you are a sponsor, I am willing to bet you that your girl sleeps with dozens of other younger men when she ain’t massaging your big tummy. She is with you for money, and when she ain’t around you, her wild sexual desires are being fulfilled by some other man in a bedsitter at Roysambu. Mind you, Sponsors have messed up the entire dating scene, we can no longer afford to take our Kenyan girls out, we won’t afford a bottle of JD every weekend, and so we gave up and let sponsors innocently win; as we patiently settle to enjoy whatever remains of the merry expensive nights, without judging her.

Realizing this, Nigerian men will give naïve Nairobi girls all that Kenyan men won’t. They will hold her hand and kiss her in public and they hail a cheap Bolt ride or Uber chap chap ride, Buy them expensive gifts and call them “baby” in their heavy Nigerian accent to start with. In a few days, the Nairobi girl will be thinking she is so much in love. And these Oga dudes will never hit on a struggling Nairobi girl unless it’s just for sex, as investors, they will look for young women from rich backgrounds or with top jobs. A few weeks after earning their trust, the expensive gifts will start drying up, and the woman so in love will turn to be the sole provider. If she is generous enough and trusts the man with their purse, what will follow will be painful tears and the common social media posts that “all men are dogs”.

If he doesn’t con or use you for sex, he will use you as the next link in his international fraud. How they do it, I am not really sure, but how a man convinces you to time and time again go to a bank to make withdrawals of large sums of money, still remains a wonder to me. It makes me start believing in “juju”. Their victims remain western union transfers or some desperate people looking to “inherit the billions bequeathed on them” by their parents. I’m certain you have received those scam emails from the wives of Military generals or Cancer patients who want to spend their entire fortune with you before they die. And people fall for that trick.

Others after sleeping with Nairobi girls and turning them desperate, turn them to prostitutes. I once had a conversation with one. He lived at some apartment right behind homeland. He had this girl he used to sleep with and still pimp her out to her Nigerian friend; he would proudly share the experience with me. The girl was young, probably around 21, and most evenings, the guy would call me to go drop the lady along Dennis Pritt road, at some posh apartment less than 200meters from the roundabout. I never knew the story; he would love with this cheeky giggle after dropping her, get into the car and we would start our journey back. I thought that we were actually dropping the girl at her home every time, till one day after dropping her, he opened up. When I asked him why, he told me “Kenyan girls are beautiful, but very stupid”. I can’t deny any of that. Apparently, he had fellow Nigerians who needed her for her services and the guy got paid.

But most Nairobi girls are drug addicts, and that is why most of them find it convenient to date Nigerians, because with them, they will never run dry. Majority of them live in Roysambu (mostly TRM drive, Lumumba drive and Mirema drive), Ruaka and Westlands. With clubs around being used by these Nigerians as distribution centers. But that’s a story for another day.

Unless you are ready for the ride, never date a Nigerian, no matter how genuine he looks. They will use you, and dump you when the time is convenient for them, and that is if you are lucky not to end up dead. You read a story last week of 3 Nigerians who lured on several times a 15 year old high school girl to their apartment in Ruaka. These scumbags will stoop that low. So next time you are dating one, you can bet how your story will end. Perhaps it’s time we deported them all…

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