Kenyan Economy

Uproar as the prices of petrol hit a record high in Kenya

Kenyans on social media have questioned the continued rise in gas prices.

This is after the energy regulatory commission announced the prices of oil for the next 30 days seeing an increase of petrol, diesel and kerosene by over 5 shillings.

According tto the new price review, Petol, diesel and kerosene prices have increased by 7.63, 5.75 and 5.41 shillings respectively.

This means that oil prices in Kenya have increased by over 20 shillings in the last 2 months alone, a factor that has driven the cost of living beyond affordability by many Kenyans.

And KKenyans on social media have not spared the Jubilee government from criticism, especially with the ongoing economic downturn brought about by the coronavirus pandemic.

With the Hash tag #Kibaki and EPRA trending for the afternoon, Kenyans views are that the president and his deputy are busy sleeping on the job considering that former president kibaki left the price of petrol at 73 shillings.

It iis important to note that the government has no control over oil prices, but the fact that over 60 percent of the price are taxes by the government has not made it easier for Kenyans according to comments on social media.