Uhuru: I owe nobody a political debt

President Uhuru Kenyatta addresses leaders from central Kenya at Sagana state lounge. Image/courtesy

President Kenyatta and deputy president William Ruto relationship appears headed for more turbulence after the president insisted that neither him nor his community owe the deputy president a political debt. This was another clear indication by the president that he will not support his deputy William Ruto in the coming elections.

Speaking on Saturday when he met 5000 delegates from Mt Kenya region at Sagana state lounge, the President said he is only indebted to the millions of Kenyans.

“Some people keep saying I made a promise to them. No, I only have a promise and covenant with the people of Kenya. That is the promise I am implementing” the president said

In another veiled attack at his deputy, the president claimed Ruto has not given him ample time to deliver and instead is concentrating more on 2022 elections.

“Ask your guy why he can’t allow me to do my work and keeps coming back for the baton, instead of waiting for his turn.” the President posed.

The two leaders campaigned for the 2013 and 2017 elections on a platform of Uhuru serving two terms and supporting DP for another two terms.

However since the 2017 elections, the once dynamic duo seem to have parted ways largely due to the deputy president’s ambition and campaigns at a time the president was urging politicians to hold their political ambitions first and work for Kenyans.

The Sagana meeting is meant by the president to solidify his political base in support of the BBI, a region that has dithered on its support on constitutional changes.