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Uhuru Frightened as drunk man surges towards him during the launch of Lamu port

President Uhuru Kenyatta during the launch of Lamu port. image/courtesy

For those who watched the launch of the new Lamu port which was televised live, you should have noted a short moment when the president had to step back momentarily and utter some words in Swahili before continuing with his speech.

President Kenyatta was astounded by a man who appeared to have been moving towards him without notice during the commissioning of the first berth at Lamu Port on Thursday, May 20. 

After noticing the commotion within the room, the president paused for a moment and moved backwards from the podium while trying to comprehend the situation.

His security detail was however quick to react. Cameras captured the Presidential Escort Unit and military deescalating the issue. 

The president then re-composed himself and continued with his speech, uttering in Swahili “Huyu mtu ako na mambo zake”.

According to sources, the drunk man wanted to express his displeasure for lack of jobs at the port and meant no harm to the president. However, others believe that the man was simply drunk and wanted the fame of the limelight.

It is not clear what happened to the man afterwards.

The presidential security is usually very tight with a barricade of hawk eyed well-trained forces forming a barricade around the president every time. And considering the security situation around Lamu, it is expected that the president’s security was heavily beefed up for the event