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The controversial maara MP and his secrets to re-election

Maara MP launches a transformer in his constituency Image/courtesy

One of the longest serving MPs in Kenya, and the longest serving in Tharaka – nithi County is Maara MP, kareke mbiuki. A man who divides opinion amongst his supporters and competitors in the way he manages the Constituency affairs, the soft spoken MP is difficult to understand. Elected at a time when the entire county used to be one Constituency, the man had won three consecutive elections with little or no sweat. But who really is this man? What are his achievements and what makes him this adorable to his people to win elections so easily in a county where few elected leaders ever win elections for more than one term?

He came in to the limelight when photos of him appeared when he was launching a transformer. Apart from that, no meaningful development can be pointed to have been achieved in the Constituency according to his opponents. Under him, maara Constituency has become one of the most disorganized constituencies, with chogoria town being the biggest in the county yet for years, the town has been choking from neglect. Experts have for long argued that were it not for chogoria hospital and the surrounding schools, maara would have nothing to show for all its existence. One of the most controversial decisions the MP ever made was to push the location of the Constituency headquarters to Kieganguru. His hope according to the residence was to spur growth along the small roadside market but instead, nothing tangible has come up. But as evidence that the MP himself has failed even in raising the profile of his chosen location let alone the Constituency, the Maara MP in 15 years has never been able to build even a CDF office. The small office at Kieganguru remains a small rented office.

There were allegations that the MP is the chief adviser of the current Tharaka nithi governor Muthomi Njuki, and that is why in Tharaka nithi there has been no national government appointment. It is shocking that despite the region being a pro government stronghold, there has never been any meaningful appointments in government with successive governments going to meru and embu counties. One of the reasons why the MP has faced criticism is because as the longest serving politician in the county, he has failed to organize the leadership to present a common united front and push for development of the region. But instead, all major appointments in the region have gone to his family members: his real brother who is an advise in Government and sister who is a liason officer of Tharaka nithi County but funny enough she resides in Nairobi.

Using his muscle, the MP diverted the nyayo tea zone road which was meant to pass through Iriga, mutindwa mbogori, kiangondu, kiamuriuki all the way to embu : to old Marima, munga to kiriani. It is important to note how important this road would have been in opening up the entire Tharaka nithi County and linking it to embu, sadly selfish political interests interfered to kill a transformative development that could have altered the face of the County as well as the lives of chuka igambangombe and maara constituencies. His track record of infrastructural development remain questionable, roads remain poor and impassable during the rainy season with residents frequently lamenting of the poor state of roads in the Constituency.

To achieve his political ambitions, there are allegations that he has marginalized mitheru and muthambi wards and he had refused muthambi sub county to be gazette by the national government so that he can control the entire maara. For example, chogoria and maara have two police stations, less than 3 kms apart, all other regions of the Constituency only have police posts, the reason for this is never known.

Further allegations are that the tarmaking of mitheru and muthambi wards roads. On infrastructure development, there was a dam which was supposed to be constructed in the upper part of chogoria, years later and after close to a billion shillings have been spent, there has never been any tangible developments on the project, something that the MP owes his constituents information about.

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