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Tharaka-nithi Senatorial Candidate, Kevin Mwiti, supports court’s decision on Igambang’ombe sub-county

Tharaka-nithi County senatorial candidate Kevin Mwiti (Ngere) image/file

Tharaka-nithi senatorial candidate Kevin Mwiti has supported the move by the Courts to nullify the creation of Igambang’ombe sub-county in Tharaka-nithi county. Addressing the media during a meet the people tour of Kaanwa in Chuka, the senatorial candidate called on local political groupings to stop dividing the people of Tharaka-nithi into subtribes with a blinded aim of creating animosity for the benefit of a few politicians in the upcoming elections.

“In all our existence, there has been peaceful coexistence among all our local communities. When we grew up, we never knew there was a difference between the people of Chuka and Tharaka, or Mwimbi and Muthambi. It is a shame that after electing these politicians into positions of power in 2017, some as far as 2007; instead of doing what is right for us as the people of Tharaka-nithi county, they have instead turned to dividing us into sections. Then in a few days, they will come singing to us ati hey, this aspirant is from Chuka, this from Muthambi and this from Tharaka, with a view of mobilizing people from their regions to vote for them. But as a candidate, I need to send this warning to all these politicians, the people of Tharaka-nithi are much wise now, and during the general elections in August, they will vote with their minds and not with their stomachs and neither will they use the bitter divisions that you are trying to sow into them in electing their leaders.” Mwiti said

On the issue of the Sub-county, the senatorial candidate was of the opinion that “Yes this sub-county is of utmost important to the people. having a sub-county is not a favor to the residents of Tharaka-nithi but a constitutional requirement that the national government has a responsibility in ensuring that it is achieved. But at the same time, politicians have a responsibility of ensuring that first of all, such subdivisions do not divide our people firther, that these sub-counties act as a means of bringing government services and development closer to the people and not just doing so for the sake of politics. secondly, all the residents of Tharaka nithi must be involved, again, thats not a favor from these politicians, it is a constitutional requirement for public participation when such decisions are made. so these leaders need to listen to us, and as they do this, the same should also be extended to Maara constituency and have an extra sub-county created for the people of Maara”

He urged the residents of Tharaka-nithi to be patient as the issues are being resolved, but at the same time warned the local political leaders that the residents will not accept any decision that seeks to bring animosity amongst them. “Tharaka-nithi is bigger than Kindiki, it is bigger than Kareke-Mbiuki, it is bigger than Governor Njoka, it is bigger than all of us. We have a responsibility of ensuring that we push for development without compromising our peace. Where were all these politicians when all this was being done illegally as the court ruled, or it is now that they are coming out here to cry like little babies just to fool voters that they represent their interests best? hii upuzi yote waache sisi sio wajinga”

At the same time, residents of Kaanwa decried the poor state of their roads infrastructure as well as the progress of rural electrification and called on the national and county government to work together and ensure residents receive quality services. “Kupata stima hapa ni shida, hata transformer huku hatuna, sisi tumekuwa supporters wa serikali ya Jubilee miaka kumi sasa, na tunajua Uhuru alisema kila mtu awekewe stima, ama sisi sio wakenya?” Geoffrey Nyaga a resident lamented.