Ruto’s big undoing: Why electing UDA to power would be the worst mistake since colonial rule

UDA candidates for Nairobi county 2022 Margaret Wanjiru (Governor), Millicent Omanga (Women Rep), Karen Nyamu (Senator) image/courtesy

United democratic alliance (UDA) is a party slowly sliding into self-destruction. But its supporters and the chief hustler himself cant see that. Blinded by a sense of security that the DP’s supporters have held for long believed that nothing can come in-between the deputy president and the presidency, the reality of the last couple of days should be a red signal to UDA and the deputy president.

The last couple of months have presented a party that has no structures, no clear channel of communication and to some extent no moral authority to claim that it represents the interests of Kenyans. Over the last week, Karen Nyamu the Nairobi Senatorial aspirant for UDA has told us we need to vote for Ruto because he is the only man with “chuma kubwa”, not certain how he got to know about its size; meanwhile, when the UDA women rep candidate for Nairobi Millicent Omanga is invited to address the public, the much she can do is twerk her big ***, but truth is that’s the only thing she has to show. you see, UDA is simply a crazy collection of individuals, electing them to leadership will be the greatest undoing of our country.

A few days ago, we were arguing with some friends about who stands the best chance to win the 2022 elections: it is then that one of us retorted and shouted “Even those Kikuyu’s who will vote for Ruto as the president will be so relieved when the chief hustler loses the elections”

For a moment, we all went silent, then almost immediately, we burst out laughing at that, and believe me, we all agreed. Another one predicted that the good thing about a Ruto win in 2022 is that in less than 6 months, there will be a people’s revolution that will kick him and his government out.

the thinking of the second assertion was well-founded, he explained. six months after electing Ruto into office, Kenyans will wake up to the reality of their big mistake. and the thought of waiting for 5 years to elect a better government will drive them straight into the streets.

Imagine a case where Ruto wins the president, Oscar Sudi is made the minister of finance, Gachagua becomes the minister of internal security, Ndindi nyoro despite all the insults directed to now-former President Uhuru Kenyatta, is kicked out of the kitchen cabinet and so is Ichungwa, in their place, Ruto has surrounded himself with his kinsmen and women; the cost of living has tripled since Uhuru handed over power to now “president Ruto” and the level of corruption is at its all-time high (We never expected Ruto to fight corruption anyway. In the meantime, there are no more wheelbarrows for the hustler and the UDA logo has been replaced with a set of handcuffs and the “Alai Rungu” as if to warn Kenyans to protest at their own risk. Instead of importing 5000 tractors for agriculture, the government invests more in importing guns and grenades in readiness for the grand theft.

finally, the only reason Kenyans would consider a UDA government is because they have been let down for so long by successive governments that they just have lost hope.