Ruto can not be trusted: Uhuru warns his Mount Kenya backyard

President Uhuru addresses representatives at Sagana State Lounge. Image/courtesy


President warns that he is not such a dishonest man to disown his deputy

Cautions his community that his actions are for the better of his people

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s campaign to consolidate his political backyard and sell the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) project, the President has warned his Mount Kenya backyard to be politically cautious and not fall into political traps by people who cannot be trusted.

In various meetings with politicians and opinion leaders from the Mount Kenya region, the Head of State portrayed Ruto as an impatient and cunning politician who cannot be trusted with the region’s future.

The president alleged that his deputy has been frustrating proposals to have Mt Kenya region benefit through equity in revenue sharing and misleading local leaders and voters through handouts to giving false promises in order to win the region’s support for his 2022 bid. The president fell short of describing the Deputy President (DP) as a person who does not deserve the country’s top job.

Speaking in Chaka, Nyeri county, yesterday, Uhuru rubbished the narrative that BBI was meant to favor ODM leader Raila Odinga for the upcoming 2022 elections.

On BBI, the president wondered how more resources being devolved to highly populated regions like Ruiru would benefit ODM leader Raila Odinga. The president openly denied that his handshake discussion with Raila had anything to do with the 2022 elections but insisted that the handshake was meant to bring peace to the country after the acrimonious 2017 elections.

He also wondered why Ruto donates wheelbarrows to young people instead of supporting policies which would give them a decent income.

Attack on the wheelbarrow Narrative

On the ongoing debate about youth empowernment and job creation, the president wondered  “You claim you are the solution to the young people, you are giving them wheelbarrows, who told you that they need wheelbarrows?” The president stated that Kenyans need real jobs and not wheelbarrows.

“They need jobs, they want to be self-dependent,” the President added  in a direct attack on the deputy president and his allies.

This was the second time Uhuru was taking his war with the DP in his backyard, having done so two weeks ago through Gikuyu radio stations, where he claimed stolen money was being used to fight BBI.