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Private Universities and colleges pushing for a share of “TVET Money”

The government funding for students enrolling in TVET institutions has been a breathe of fresh air to these institutions with institutions such as Thika Technical training Institute seeing an increase in student numbers. However, if plans by private businesses goes through, this would signal a death blow to such institutions image/courtesy

Private Universities and colleges are pushing the government to fund diploma students enrolled in their institutions at the expense of Technical And Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutions.

This is after the Government started fully funding students through the Higher education loans board to study for a diploma, certificate, and artisan courses in technical training institutions established by the government all around the country.

In a move that could signal a blow to efforts by the same government to equip youths all around the country with technical skills, it is alleged that some private varsities, looking for a bumper harvest from the government monies being channeled to TVET institutions went ahead to register with the ministry for TVET courses. However, the decision by the government to fund students attending public institutions has denied these private institutions both students and the money as students prefer to go to public universities where they are fully funded to undergo their studies.

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One of the biggest private universities based in Kiambu county it is alleged that it had actually gone ahead and established a technical training institution in Western Kenya ready for government-sponsored students. However, the decision by the government to fund students going to public institutions only has been a big blow to the said investment with the diploma and certificate student numbers, not any close to what the University had expected. It is alleged that the owner who is well connected in government has been at the forefront in pushing a parliamentary amendment that would see private universities and colleges receive funding from the government for diploma and certificate students.

According to our sources, a motion is expected in the senate with the aim of legalizing the inclusion of Private institutions in the distribution of Diploma and certificate students across the various colleges.

If this succeeds, this will be a big blow to technical institutions owned by the government and in every sense illegality of using public money to fund private businesses.

It is important to note that public Universities are already feeling the pinch by the government to fund students to study in private universities leaving a vast amount of declared student capacity in public universities unoccupied.

It is also important to note that most private universities and colleges have no technical capacity to train these students for the job market, therefore, if parliament goes through and bends to the whims of these businessmen, it will be a big blow to the government’s efforts to empower the youthful generation with the technical skills needed in the job market and for powering our economy

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