Pain and suffering for Kiangondu Primary school children as CDF project is abandoned

A billboard advertising the construction of a dormitory at Kiang'ondu primary school by the CDF. image/file

At the entrance to Kiangondu primary school in Chuka-igambangombe constituency, a bill board broadly advertises the construction of a girls dormitory funded by the CDF project of the constituency, for the year 2018/2019 at the school.

However, entry to the school to check on the said project presents an abandoned building, which was supposed to have been completed 2 years ago.

What is more surprising is that the Area MP Patrick Munene during a burial ceremony in Kirege location mid-last year announced to the mourners that he had completed the construction of the dormitory and bought beddings and beds for the kids, a statement that evidence on the ground cannot support.

The abandoned dormitory has been turned to a temporary dining area by the school. image/file

The sad reality on the ground is that the said building was abandoned years ago, with the wheelbarrows grinding to a painful halt as the masons ran for days without pay from the constituency fund.

What has been left now on the ground of this noble project is the continued suffering of the children as classes were converted to dormitories and the shell of the new girls’ dormitory turned into a temporary dining hall for the kids.

A classroom that has been turned into a dormitory to accommodate the large number of pupils at Kiangondu primary. image/file

A short distance from the building, construction materials for an ECD class lie idle, with grass already having grown over them pointing to the number of years that the materials have been there. according to reliable sources, official records from the government show that the ECD class was built and completed. And true to it, this ECD class which was supposed to have been built together with one for MUngoni primary school has never been built with one for Mungoni having been completed.

Abandoned building materials for the construction of the ECD class at the school 2 years ago. image/file

Our efforts to contact the area MCA Geodfrey Murithi for comments were unsuccessful with a call to the area MP going unanswered.

The ECD class was a national government project which was supposed to be built in order to support the delivery of content-based curriculum (CBC), yet years after the change to the new curriculum, the school children in this school wait for the construction of the class have been fruitless.

One of the sad realities of the deplorable state of Kiangondu primary school is that being a boarding school, there is no single hose within the school that can house a teaching staff.

It means that after the teachers leave school, the boarding pupils are on their own without any teacher around, with only the watchman and the matron in school. This presents a big challenge to the security of the children in case of distress calls or security issues.

A view of a dormitory under construction by Chuka CDF that was abandoned at Kiang’ondu primary school. image/file

The school urgently needs help, and it is a call to the area MP to aid in the completion of these projects. Even more, the school has no dining hall, with food served on abandoned old desks within the school. These students deserve better, they deserve better infrastructure, better facilities.