Mount Kenya MCAs issue press statement on BBI: Call on the court of appeal to quash the highcourt ruling on BBI

Mount Kenya MCAs during the press conference in Nyeri

Mount Kenya BBI committee, which comprises of representatives from the 11 counties of the Mount Kenya region have requested the court of appeal to overturn the decision of the high Court that found the BBI illegal, I n order to ensure that “Wanjiku” gets the opportunity to decide for herself how she wants to be governed, how she wants her money to be allocated, and where she wants the BBI proposals to go.

In a press conference after a meeting held in Nyeri, the representatives of all the counties in Mount Kenya region castigated the high Court decision to declare BBI illegal, describing it as misinformed and biased and an attempt by the judges to bury their heads in the sand from the reality of elections and violence in Kenya.

They opined that when the BBI bill was confirmed to have passed the signature threshold by the IEBC, it was sent to the 47 county assemblies according to the constitution, in regard to a popular initiative. According to them, these county assemblies then held public forums, prepared a report and presented it to each of the assemblies to enable them to debate and decide on the bill.

“Our committees conducted over 150 public participation forums across the Mount Kenya region. We spoke to thousands of ordinary Kenyans during these forums. In literally every forum, the final instruction from Wanjiku was that the respective assembly must pass this bill. This is why all the assemblies passed the bill overwhelmingly” said the MCAs

According to the representatives of Mount Kenya, who are the heads of the legal affairs committees in the respective county assemblies, Mount Kenya region stands to lose much if the BBI report is not subjected to a referendum.

His includes: losing the 10 protected constituencies: loss of the proposed 17 new constituencies in the region.

Loss of the proposed 5% ward fund that would have ensured that development is devolved down to the wards in each county.

The MCAs also are of the opinion that if BBI is not passed, the region stands to lose at least 55 billion that would have been sent to the region through increased county allocation funds.

More to that, the MCAs believe that the current law has failed to tame the perennial post and pre election violence and hence there is the need to expand the executive to make it more accommodating to all tribes if at all election violence is to be tamed.

Those present during the meeting include the heads of legal affairs committee of all the counties in the Mount Kenya region.