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More pain for Arsenal fans as Arteta’s losing Puzzle continue unsolved

Arsenal Coach Mikel Arteta picture courtesy Getty images

Arsenal fans will spend another painful night as their team search for a premier league game win at Goodison park ended in a painful loss to Everton. The win by Everton saw them rise to the second position in the league table as Arsenal fight to avoid relegation.

Things can really turn around fast as a few months ago, Arsenal coach Arteta was being billed as one of the most exciting football managers today with pundits suggesting earlier on in the season that arsenal would compete for the champions league positions this season, Arsenal is now fighting to avoid relegation. As the final whistle was being blown at Goodison park, Arsenal fans were already baying for Arteta’s blood. Much to the delight of their rivals especially the noisy Chelsea and Manchester united fans, Arsenal fans

Truth is, everybody feels for Arsenal fans. but we are sure that this great team of supporters shall rise and at least find some happiness again. We can only hope that there will be no mass suicide by Arsenal fans. The head of Arsenal fans foundation has called for calm among Arsenal supporters, even as pundits call for the Arsenal board to give Arteta time to deliver.