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Michelle Obama’s outfit at Biden’s inauguration thrills internet

The first ladies of the United States are known to have a high sense of fashion, with some using their fashion to support a movement, a culture and the fashion industry.Michelle Obama stole the whole inauguration show with her outfit while walking hand in hand with her husband, former president Barrack Obama.

She was dressed in a Merlot-colored monochromatic belted fit which had a matchup of a palazzo trouser, a turtleneck, a statement belt and on top of all that look, she put on an overcoat designed by Sergio Hudson, who is an African American fashion designer from South Carolina.

Social media could not resist commenting on the look. Some people compared Michelle’s former look during Donald Trump’s swearing where she went for a modest and simple look versus Joe Biden’s event.

Michelle has always embodied fashion, she makes fashion look good and she has always uplifted designers especially from the minority group by wearing the designs in major functions she makes an appearance.

Sergio Hudson, also dressed the new Vice President Kamala Harris. He is known to have dressed other big names in the entertainment industry like Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez and Tracee Ellis Ross among others.

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