Men’s conference in pictures: Conference comes to a dramatic end after a major announcement

It was every man for himself at the Mens conference when it was announced that it was time for HIV test. image/courtesy

Every second week of February, Kenyan men gather at one location for lessons from their leaders on life, investment, relationships, and how to build Kenya. Unfortunately or (fortunately), this conference seems to come at the same time as Valentine’s day, but because of the heavy punishment of failing to attend the men’s conference, men are left with no choice but to forego valentines and attend the conference.

So how was this year’s conference? In pictures, we present to you some of the happenings at the annual men’s conference

Some members help themselves on the fence just before the meeting started

  1. There was a commotion as men tried to find their way out when the chairman announced that an HIV test would be carried out on all the men at the conference

Attendees listen keenly to speakers at the conference

An attendant is whisked out after being found sending fare to a woman

Special tips were given to men on how to avoid sending airtime by mzee Kibor

Chairman of the Turkana chapter had a really good time

There was frustration and anger as Johnte arrived for the conference with his girlfriend with the two dressed in red. Forthwhile, johnte if barred from attending future conferences

Conference security had to be called to arrest Brayo after it was revealed that he watches Maria

Those men who arrived late were sent to help Brayo, kevo, Dennoh, Peter and Tony in the kitchen

As iusual, Kamba men (in particular Mutua) had to be asked to go and change after coming dressed in red

As aalways, food was in plenty at the conference.

There was a major stampede in the kitchen when delegates from western Kenya protested delays in food being ready.

The meeting could not end without advise on Kutuma fare and men dying on the line of duty from the beloved chairman

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