List of top 10 well paying claim paying insurance companies in Kenya

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There is nothing as important as picking the right insurance company for your car, family (health), property or any form of insurance. Imagine saving in an insurance scheme for so many years then right when you investment has matured, with all the happiness you approach your insurance company, but shock on you when days turn to weeks, years or to an eternity?

Or imagine when you take a third party car insurance, then unfortunately you cause an accident, the other party contact a lawyer who files a suit against you and the company for damages, the insurance doesn’t pay and you end up having your property auctioned to recover the damages? With the Insurance regulatory authority already manipulated and controlled by the political class, you realize that you are more on your own when you take an insurance.

The first step therefore is to pick the best insurance company before getting insured. We approached one of the city lawyers on what one needs to know before taking an insurance cover, here is what he had to say:

First, never take insurance with a company that is owned by politicians or the high and mighty in the society, when it comes to payments, they will never pay. Foreign insurance companies pay claims more promptly hence, prefer taking insurance with them.

secondly, never buy insurance directly from any company, get a reputable insurance agent, this you can easily be referred by friends who have previous experience with some of them.

We asked our readers to rate the insurance companies based on their claim payments, we later collaborated this with a city lawyer to come up with the top 10 best insurance companies to take insurance cover with

The top 10 well claim paying insurance companies in Kenya are:

  1. CIC General
  2. APA Insurance
  3. UAP insurance
  4. ICEA Lion group
  5. AAR Insurance
  6. First Assurance
  7. AIG
  8. Madison Insurance
  9. Directline
  10. Geminia

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