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Letter to the president: Why these letters have all the fingerprints of William Samoei Ruto

President Uhuru Kenyatta with deputy president William Ruto and Former PM Raila Odinga. Image/courtesy

A section of Members of Parliament from Mt Kenya who are loyal to Deputy President William Ruto have written a hard-hitting letter to President Uhuru Kenyatta ahead of a strategy meeting this weekend. The leaders who wrote the letter are largely supporters of Ruto whom they see as a better option after rebelling against the ruling party Jubilee in what they blame on the March 2018 handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

The current letter follows another letter written by senate majority leader Irungu Kangata to the president, expressing his fears that the BBI report had no support around Mt. Kenya region. But in the current letter, the MPs go close to calling the president a failure, raising pertinent areas where the president has failed. But in all this, the MPs believe the president, who has been deputied by William Ruto all through his term should keep his word and support william Ruto. What would baffle many people how genuine the leaders are in their attack on the president is that if the president has failed, then his deputy william Ruto is a failure too. Thus, the mps if they really are genuine should actually be calling ion the two to resign.

The presidency consists of the president and the deputy president. It is no secret that during the first term of the Jubilee government, Ruto was actally the president. Hence he actually bears more burden on the performance of the Jubilee government than the president himself.

In the current letter, just to indirectly express their agenda and the person behind the letter, the MPs state that:

“Raila Odinga Your Excellency, For 8 years, between 2011 and 2018, you consistently and persistently cautioned us that Raila Odinga was Kenya’s foremost problem, and pleaded with us to send him home for the country to move forward. You were only emphasizing what our people already knew, taking into account his history In the use of violence and ethnic divisions as a means to achieve political power.

“As a result, he is an existential threat to the economy and national unity. We must be direct and truthful with you: We cannot sell Raila Odinga in our region or, indeed, any other imposed presidential candidate. You blame the leaders and people of the Mt. Kenya region for being reluctant to accept the Handshake and the BBI. It is not their fault. The successful effort you made to persuade the people and render Raila Odinga unacceptable in Mt. Kenya cannot be undone in your lifetime, ” the letter reads.

It is no secret that such sentiments are meant to drive some deeper hatred between the Kikuyu community and the former prime minister Raila Odinga. The reality of the matter is that were it not for the handshake, Kenya would not be enjoying the peace that we enjoy today.

The questions that these legislators should be nswering is; when did they realize that Uhuru has failed the Kikuyu? its been 8 years of his leadership, they heavily campaigned for him in the last election, and most of them hold their positions sorely because of the president, when did they realize that Uhuru is this bad?

It is no secret that the central Kenya region has benefited more from a Uhuru presidency than Kibaki ever did. the infrastructural projects that Uhuru has initiated in the region makes what Kibaki did for them look like a real joke; yet in all this, these leaders, who have been bought with small money to insult the president wherever they choose will never tell the people of central Kenya the truth.

One of the things that Uhuru has failed in is to manage the politics, he rarely visits his people, instead, his supporters only see him on TV. As all this has been happening, Ruto has been busy politicking since 2013. The president needs to wake up, visit his people, show them the reality; otherwise, his perception as a failure will continue to grow, and it is after he is out of the office that we will thank him. This is politics. It tells why letters addressed to the president first get to TV stations before getting to the man for whom they are addressed. It tells with that that the letters are simply meant to elicit public excitement and raise the profile of some politicians.