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Kenyans want President Uhuru to ban political activity, lift night curfew to revive businesses

Deputy president William Ruto addresses his supporters in Kericho County earlier in the day. Image/courtesy

A majority of Kenyans are asking President Kenyatta to ban political activities and other public gatherings as the only option of taming the rising number of Covid 19 infections.

Reports that the president will extend the night curfew have not been received well by business owners as they claim that political activities has been the single biggest threats to any attempts to tame the rising number of infections.

Although in his last address to the state the president banned all political gatherings, politicians including him have been busy addressing citizens in gatherings where little or no health procedures observed.

According to analysts, hundreds of thousands of Kenyans have been left jobless due to the night curfew that was imposed close to a year ago, with businesses left to feel the heat of the pandemic.

“Right now we can barely afford to pay rent or our employees, extending the night curfew will be the final blow to our businesses. Yet even if you consider the people you find in bars and restaurants, the number is not even close to those that we see in the political rallies that they are holding. Why should we punish businesses for the political greed of those in positions of power? ” posed one business owner at Mtwapa.

A recent survey by Informedia Research Group (IRG) found out that the biggest concern for a majority of Kenyans since the outbreak of Corona virus has been how to provide basic necessities including paying rent for their households.

A lockdown, whether partial of full lockdown would see several businesses fold up for failure to pay rent or employees.

As Kenyans wait for the president’s address tomorrow, the hope for the business community is that whatever decisions the president takes willsee a return to normalcy in a short while.