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Kenyan wins global climate idea

Patrick Kiarie courtesy Facebook

In a time when everybody was thinking about Covid-19, one businessman Patrick Kiarie from Thika came up with an idea about how to save the world from the continued pollution, and surprisingly, the idea was voted the best globally for the year 2020. The idea was shared on the We Don’t Have Time network — and has now been awarded “Best Climate Idea of the year”. reads an article published in the based in Sweden.

To Patrick, he had experienced the worst of climate change, and his greatest fear was that the worst is yet to come. During an interview with, Patrick shared his frustration on watching our leaders continue to act with indifference when it comes to environmental protection. he had seen enough trees being felled everywhere around him as the country gears up developing infrastructure, and the pain of imagining at this rate how the country would be in 10 years, he sat down together with a lecturer from Mount Kenya University, Kevin Mwiti, and his award-winning idea was nurtured. Having based his Masters’s research on Green Computing, Kevin’s insights into the idea of pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and environmental degradation ignited a spark in Patrick on how everybody can be involved in the climate change discussion. And to them, there was overall concurrence that the current crop of leaders had failed the leadership test when it comes to protecting the environment.

Patrick kiarie image courtesy We don’t have time

Days later, Patrick stumbled upon the #WeDon’tHaveTime challenge on the internet, and his ambition to see a change in the way we look and treat the environment with care brought them to write the award winning proposal. To him “The award was not my driving force, but more voices are needed to drum up support for our leaders to do more to ensure a cleaner environment. It is a shame that for years, our leaders have been talking more but doing nothing. And surprisingly in our country, environmental protection is rarely a part of our campaign agenda despite the fact that all evidence points to that Africa continues to bear the blunt of climate change. Even worse, as communities strive for the scarce natural resources, the environment has been the biggest victim with vast natural resources being exploited with impunity.”” What is happening today around us is what Wangari Mathai the Nobel Laurette and renowned environmentalist warned us about “Nature is so unforgiving” He poses.

His greatest inspiration has been the work of Wangari Maathai and the green belt movement that she founded. Yet despite “the legendary lady beeing from my country, we have not shown commitment to apply her ideas to change how our society views and interacts with the environment. Our forest cover is still less than 10%, and still people are invading forests and cutting down trees, a case being the Mau forest in the Rift valley. Currently we are talking about lakes flooding in Kenya, something that can only be explained scientifically and be a pointer to climate change effects, flash floods, unpredictable weather patterns including prolonged drought and insufficient and unreliable rainfall and yet we still can’t smell the danger ahead of us” .

Going through Patrick’s Facebook posts points to a man out to enlighten the world about climate change, and with several articles already written about his idea in several media outlets globally, Patrick and his team seem determined to enlighten the society more on climate change. His plan is simple, embed environmental protection skills in the lives of our children, that way, they will grow being climate Ambassadors. and indeed this is achievable, with global organizations such as, we only need your voice to make a better earth a reality today.

You can read more about the award-winning idea here

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