KDF takeover has turned around Kenya meat commission revenues: Pres. Uhuru

During the State of the Nation address, the president highlighted key progress achieved by his government in the last 8 years noting that the transfer of KMC to the military had turned around its revenues from Ksh. 8000 every day to over a million a day among others image/courtesy

Kenya Meat Commission (KMC), Athi-river, has recorded a tremendous growth since its takeover by Kenya defence forces (KDF) one year ago, President Uhuru Kenyatta said in his State of the Nation address.

The President said that the cashless meat outlet is now selling meat worth up to Ksh1 million on a daily basis up from the previous Ksh8,000 daily sales.

“My administration is proud of the tremendous economic growth it has recorded since the change of management. One wonders where all the money was disappearing.”

Farmers who were owed over 400million in arrears for cattle supplied at the facility have since been paid amid magical face value change. A three kilometers tarmac road connecting the facility to Mombasa road has also eased traffic snarl up,” the President said.

He added that livestock farmers are now paid within 72hours. Farmers have since applauded the move saying it has increased their profitability and made the processor a reliable ready market.

The animal’s price has also increased since the payment is based on live weight of an animal unlike previously where animals were valued based on dead weight.

KMC has also reviewed its regulations to buy cows from drought hit herders across the country under the government meat offtake program.

Ordinarily, the processor buys bulls and heifers from farmers at a ratio of 2:8 translating to eight bulls against two heifers contributing to 80 percent of the total animals acceptable at the meat processor.

The Kenya meat commission (KMC) was handed over to the military by President kenyatta due to continued inefficiency and in a bit to turn its fortunes around.

This added to the continued militarization of the country by the president who appears to trust the discipline of the military in ensuring economic performance in the country.

At that time, the decision by the government caused an uproar among some Kenyans on social media but from the comments by the president, it seems the efforts have borne fruits.

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