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Italy confirms the first case of the new coronavirus mutation

Graph showing the new covid 19 increase
the new Covid 19 strain continues to increase

Italy has become the first country to confirm the first case of coronavirus mutation. Cases of Coronavirus mutations sparked headlines across the United Kingdom after a top government official, Health Secretary Matt Hancock, stood in the House of Commons on Monday and announced that more than 1,000 confirmed coronavirus infections in southeast England show a suite of genetic mutations that might be driving the surge in that region.

the head of the the head of the Wellcome Trust biomedical research foundation later warned that there was serious evidence of a potentially serious new variant of covid 19 virus.

Several countries in Europe have banned flights from the UK over the new variant that has contributed to a new phase of lockdown in the UK. As a result, nonessential shops, gyms, cinemas, hairdressers, and bowling alleys will be forced to close for two weeks, while people will be restricted to meeting one other person from another household in an outdoor public space. Countries that have banned flights from the UK include Italy, Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands. More countries are expected to join in the face of the new coronavirus strain.

There is however no clear evidence on the effects of the new mutation in terms of ease of transmission though scientists in the UK have warned that it is up to 70% more transmittable.