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Inside Muturi’s plan to be the next mount Kenya kingpin

National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi during a past event. Image/courtesy

National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi on Friday received another political boost after Members of Tharaka Nithi County Assembly endorsed him as the next Mt.Kenya kingpin.

The endorsement is the second in a row after he was installed by the elders as the regional spokesperson a month ago. The elders placed him as the most preferable politician to take the mantle after President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The former Siakago MP for long has been a close Allie of president Kenyatta from their time in Kanu through former president Kibaki’s leadership to the current Jubilee administration.

It is believed that the speaker has the ears of the president in his quest to be the spokesman of the mount Kenya region.

Strategically, Mr Muturi comes from the upper eastern region of Mount Kenya comprising of Embu, Tharaka-nithi, meru and isiolo counties.

This region, with close to 2 million votes have been key pillars of both the Kibaki and Kenyatta governments and mummurs on the ground have been talks of a region that feels left out of the national cake despite their loyalty to the government.

These feelings could have been supported by the sentiments of Tharaka-nithi deputy speaker during Muturi’s meeting who said that “For the last 60 years, this region has been escorting our neighbours from the west to clinch to power now it our time to elevate one of our own to represent us on the top and Muturi is equal to task ,” added David Mbaya Majority leader.

What pundits are wondering is whether Kikuyus will be ready to play second fiddle in a relationship where they feel superior largely due to their numbers.

According to one of the MCAs we spoke to, the region is not willing to tow the line of their central Kenya Brothers unless they are also willing to support one of their own “We have supported our Kikuyu brothers for years without any questions, now it’s time for them to pay back. And I can promise you, we are not going to accept anything less than this in our relationship. Our region has less than 20 kms of tarmac road despite being in Government for 20 years, what are we gaining from this relationship? ” posed the MCA

The residents of this region seem also determined to move on and chart a new political path/friendship if at all their support for their kikuyu politicians will continue being taken for granted.

And as if to signal that, the region remains one area where the deputy president has massive support.

The speaker has massive support, and it is believed central politicians are warming up to his leadership. He comes out as being less confrontational and respects the opinions of other leaders too.

He is expected to have met the meru MCAs over the weekend in his attempt to gaining home support in his push to be the regional kingpin.