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If there is one plant that continues to divide opinion from governments, researchers and law enforcement officers on its pros and cos, it’s weed. Where as in some countries planting and using weed is legal, it remains a banned substance in so many others.

But do you know that there is a university that specializes in offering all certifications weed? The university located in Denver US, the university prides itself as the only Cannabis College with a Complete Curriculum that Covers ALL Areas of the Industry.

Cannabis cooking. Image/courtesy/Cannabis Training University

From rolling Sash, to growing and taking care of Marijuana plant, the university offers at least 71 courses on 9 fields of Marijuana including; how to grow cannabis indoors and outdoors, cannabis cooking and extraction, cannabis law and regulations, cannabusiness., dispensary operations, Marijuana delivery services, budtedding, Marijuana jobs, as well as Marijuana as medicine

All courses are available online and at very competitive costs. It should be noted that in most of the US state, cannabis is legal. Locally, Rwanda has passed legislations to allow the cultivation of cannabis. In Kenya, the late Kibra MP Ken Okoth had prepared a bill that could have seen its cultivation legalized for medical use.

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