How President Uhuru Kenyatta saved Uhuru Gardens from grabbers

The celebrations were done at the newly renovated Uhuru Gardens along Langata roadImage/courtesy

In his address to the Nation, Prime minister Raila Odinga took Kenyans down memory lane on the public open spaces in Nairobi.

Of particular interest, Raila Odinga thanked the president for saving Uhuru Gardens after it had been grabbed by known politicians in the country.

“… Here next to Weston Hotel which is part of this ground is Langata Primary school, there are torture chambers preserved by the museums of Kenya. …We congratulate you because this land had been grabbed by those land grabbers who do not see any open space and stop grabbing them. But you managed to retrieve it back for the benefit of our people and it is going to remain truly Uhuru Gardens where we are also going to bury our heroes and remember them for posterity…Thank you”

Military pose for a picture at the Uhuru Gardens image/courtesy

Details of how in 2018, after learning of the alleged grabbing of the historic garden by a known land grabber in the country, the president called military generals and drove to Le lounge which was owned by the area MP, in 2 Kenya army land rovers. Within a few minutes, soldiers from the 7th battalion rifles based in Langata arrived followed by engineers from the 12th battalion engineers.

It is alleged that the military gave the owner in the presence of the president 60 minutes to clear the Le lounge from the gardens, after the expiry of the 60 minutes, the military closed the gates, everything that remained on the land was thrown out through the fence. It is then that the renovation of the park by the Military began.

The magnificent memorial park is going to be one of a kind in Africa, with a state-of-the-art museum and library, access to the park will be free for the general public. The park is scheduled for completion and reopening in April 2022