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“Hapa Kazi Tu” The Thika West MP Hon. Wainaina Jungle’s efforts of transforming his Constituency and the lives of Thika residents

His slogan has been “hapa kazi tu”. and the ambitious first term Thika-west MP seems to be living to his slogan. On his website, he describes himself as a self-raised entrepreneur with a vision and mission to empower others through the promotion of ‘Buy Kenya, Create a Job”. Yet service to his people seems to be his greatest pride as a leader. Voted the best performing member of parliament in the utilization of CDF fund in 2019, Thika town Member of parliament is a man who lives to his word. he surprised many when he ditched Jubilee after an acrimonious 2017 nomination for the party ticket and decided to vie as an independent candidate for the Thika west parliamentary seat, yet his triumph over the well known former MP Alice Nganga in a region largely perceived as a Jubilee stronghold was no surprise to the residents of Thika and the larger Kiambu county. He was already a darling to most of the residents, and people believed he was the change they needed, so party or no party, the residents would have voted him in no matter what, and they did it. Known for his Philanthropism, his youthful nature and a listening ear to the residents of Thika, the youthful and ambitious MP has created a rapport with the people of Thika that draws admiration in a country where the citizens largely loathe politicians.

Construction of Komo primary school in Gatuanyaga. Picture courtesy of facebook

But perhaps his hard work and dedication to serving his people have made the first time MP an easy sell even for higher positions within the country. In the last year alone, there has been a push by residents of Thika to have him vie for the Kiambu governor’s seat. this has not been out of just politics, his work has been exemplary; to the extent of using his own resources to bring development to every corner of the constituency, he represents and beyond.

Jungle street lighting team in Kiganjo Thika: Picture courtesy of Facebook

Since his election, the MP has dedicated his resources to developing roads especially in remote areas, street lighting in areas that the county government has largely ignored as well as building hospitals and schools in the forgotten villages within Thika West constituency. Even before his election as MP, he already had road machinery that was opening up roads in the county; and after the election, unlike other politicians who go missing and come back with some simple projects to hoodwink the public, the Thika MP never stopped working. Residents we spoke to in Gatuanyaga and KIganjo areas were full of praise for the first time MP, and there is no denying that if he decides to go for the governor’s seat, like word on the ground is, he won’t even have to campaign and convince his constituents. It remains to be seen whether he will accept the challenge and pull more surprises.

His effective use of social media to understand the needs of his people and respond to them where possible has made it easy for him to deliver. yet it is his well organized team of community representatives that has done most of the work in making him a leader who the people can be able to count on

a screenshot of Thika MP Patrick wainaina facebook discussions

Residents of Thika have complained about the bad state of roads in Thika town, but there has been reassurance that most of the roads fall under the national government and money has been allocated for rehabilitation of the road. and construction and repair work has already started with the roads cutting through Thika stadium, Majengo, all the way through Biafra nearing completion.

n. Patrick Wainaina listening to his people. picture courtesy facebook

He draws his inspiration from the people, listening to his people, and doing what he can to make the quality of his constituents better.

Grading and graveling of roads in Thika. courtesy of Facebook

The MP ambition has been to make all roads within the constituency accessible, and he has never stopped doing it since his first day in office.