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Gang of ruthless law enforcement officers

In a viral video being shared on the internet, traffic police officers were caught on camera clobbering a man who was complaining that a drunk officer had hit his car.

In the viral video taken along the Nairobi-Nakuru officer, the man is seen arguing with an officer, asking him why he had hit his car, the officer in response tells him that he can do nothing. The man persists and holds the officers hand before more officers, a man and a woman, join in attacking the helpless motorist with the woman screaming at the motorist “kwa nini unashika askari”. What follows there after is a dog beating for the motorist beforeone of the officers attacks theperson that is taking the video.

Police officers attack a motorist along Nakuru highway. video courtesy

This is just one of the many incidences in which unlawful police officers have turned to be the main cause of insecurity for civilians especially during the festive season. Several incidences have been highlighted online of police officers turned criminals who atta k civilians with as simple excuses as not wearing a mask in the name of implementing Corona virus protection rules. In the end, all this has ended up being corruption schemes that have only been used by police to swiddle money from the public.

A good case of this was highlighted at Bamburi police station in Mombasa where a lady, staying at Cowrie shell Beach hotel just got out of the ocean from swimming, on stepping out of the ocean, police officers based at Bamburi police station arrested her and took her to the police station in her swimming costumes. It took the intervention of hotel staff who had seen her get arrested go to the station and part with a bribe for the police to release her. Fact is, do the police expect one to swim with his/her mask on? It is such cases that have continuously created a gap between the police and the public, and in all this, the civilians are left on their own with a police IG bent on protecting his officers, a president who is missing and a cabinet secretary for interior who barely sees anything evil in the men in uniform.

The Corona virus has seen the biggest misuse of power by officers, walking around, you would think the country has been turned to a military state or that you are deep inside Mogadishu. Innocent Kenyans are bundled in police land rovers for not wearing masks, and even in these landrivers, no covid 19 protocols are adhered to. Police cells are full of innocent Kenyans who are picked from outside their houses for not wearing masks, just to be thrown in a crowded police cell where no health protocol is followed. Those who have money are set free immediately, while those who are poor have to be held without any charges and given phones to call their loved ones to come brine their way out. In all this, a clueless president who has turned his supporters to be victims of the police brutality stays mum. No voice of the politician is heard in all this, after all, they are well proteted by their position and power. And the voice of the depiluty president, the president of the hustler nation is nowhere to be heard too.

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