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Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) launches toll-free number for reporting crime

DCI boss George KInoti addressing the media
DCI boss George Kinoti

You have a crime to report? Worry no more, the sleuths are now a call away, and even better: its free. DCI have launched a toll-free no 0800722203 that Kenyans can use to anonymously report crime. speaking during the launch, DCI boss George Kinoti said the line is housed at a modern call Centre within the directorate’s offices which was established with the support of the UK Government’s National Crime Agency (NCA).

The DCI boss was accompanied by Mr James Doddridge, the minister for Africa at the UK’s Foreign Commonwealth & Development Office, UK Ambassador to Kenya Jane Mariot, and the head of the Anti-Terror Police Unit Mr. John Gachomo. He promised that all the information received at the call center will be analyzed and acted upon in real-time. “The information given will form a prima facie ground upon which appropriate operations will be planned and executed after the information has been analyzed by the appropriate units,” said the DCI boss

DCI boss George Kinoti. Image Courtesy K24tv

The call Centre will also be managed by specially trained and vetted DCI agents, on a 24 hour basis. the agents can also speak multiple languages including French, German, Somali, Arabic, Spanish and Swahili.

in order to guarantee informers of their safety and privacy, their data will be encrypted such that your number cannot be identified. THis will mean that there is no way that you can be profiled and identified as the informer. however, to ensure the validity of the crimes reported, the reported crimes will first of all be analyzed to ensure that genuine calls are effectively reported to. This marks a good effort in fighting crimes as it guarantees Kenyans that they can report crimes without having to go to police stations. For years, the kenya police has been accused of brutality and being corrupt. Incidences have been brought out where one goes to report a crime and ends up being arrested instead as the one accused walks scot free.

how successful this effort by the DCI will be is dependent on hoe effective they will be considered by Kenyans to be in responding to the crimes raised through the toll free number.

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