Dick Pics: Totally a turnoff, men be warned

I just got home from a long day volunteering in a youth center. I took a shower, dressed in some buggy extra-large t-shirt and got to the kitchen to fix for myself  a cup of tea. Just then my phone vibrates. I pick it up and open the new WhatsApp message. Glaring at me was a male private part I would rather not describe. My face literally twists in disgust and without blinking twice, am obviously offended. Why do men assume that we appreciate those pictures?

Women are naturally gossipers or rather we openly share information to friends especially when mad. I immediately send the picture to a group chat of my girls’ crew asking for a nice come back coz what the hell. One friend says that if a man sends an unsolicited dick pic, simply google a better curved one and be like… sorry, I prefer this one. It’s not lowering his self-esteem but if he thinks that’s his to go asset when getting ladies, then someone needs to put that toxic masculinity to its place. In totality it’s ugly and a turnoff.  If you leave it on read, a sensible guy will simply text or call later to apologize. The silly ones will go ahead and hurl a string of insults.

In countries like Germany, it’s a criminal offense if someone sends dick pic without being asked. I wish the same applied here. Sending dick pics is primitive and degrades a man. Take it from a high value woman. All the respect wears off in that flash of a second. One look at you and all I can imagine is how do you confidently live with yourself if all you got to convince a lady in the 21st century is a mere body part. Have some self-respect man.  You will end up losing connections, lady friends and whatever smithereens of dignity left in you. Don’t be the type of a man who cannot hold a conversation if it doesn’t involve sex.  Talk about politics, economy, art, music. There is so much to talk about in this world; and damn it’s actually a turn on.

Long story short, I just blue ticked, deleted and blocked. Some things are better off left without a comment.

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