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Designated second woman.

Based on a true story.

Relationships have not been my forte since my eyes opened from teenage hood. I have had the fair struggles that no fairy tale comes to tell you each day that you dream about getting your Mr. right(lol). In fact, it is all an illusion. Man of your dreams koso koso.

The first time I thought I was in love it was a real infatuation, scaaam as they call it. Imagine using the son of a woman’s name in form three, yet all you had was a hug, I feel like looking for that scumbag to collect my 7hours of nonstop talking. He made me set goals, oh yes he set the bar so high within the 2nd hour of talking and I knew baaas, he is the one my teachers have been coercing us to wait for. Kwanza when they say mabwana zenu wako university wanawasomea, hahahhaahah. I have never set an eye on him again after that easter kesha.
Fast forward, it is my first day in campus, been keeping my virginity intact, I want to wait till marriage (little did I know). Am on board a matatu, carrying a serious Ideos phone, my big brother passed it down (to help blend in campus). There is this son of a woman with a nice perfume seated next to me, it’s like 4 a.m in the morning and the journey from south nyanza begins. A conversation between me and my dad as we part off has given this burukenge the best travel mate. “kichopo campus tigochi” (call when you get to Campus), my dad says bye. Minutes later, a conversation is lit up, he confirms which year am I, the moment he realizes mimi ni fresher, the story changes, numbers swap ownership very fast, and booom! I have a protector and someone to guide me on arrival. In fact, a shoulder to lie on and sleep till Kisumu. Am trying to ignore the caressing on my tender chest and yes am about to pull the 17-year-old card- but I let it go, am having fun in my half sleep.
Third day in campus, we are even picking curtains for this son of a woman’s house. I have not spent a single night in my designated room, typically am living in his hostel. Sad enough, am still pulling the hard to get card before I checkmate with the virginity tale, (he refuses to believe). The night I gave in, did not end well, the number one lady in his life arrived at 4 am from home, (they were actually one of those campus couples). He goes ahead to ignore the knocks and in the morning am taken to class by a pikipiki that he pays for. Iam offered no proper explanation, and am told we are going shopping after my class.
I knock the door and am whisked away by a neighbor of his to her room. And the next thing I know is usirudi huku tena. That was the first attempt at a relationship and I was already 2nd or 3rd or whichever number God knows what. I remain single till the end of first year.
Finally, God has pitied his child, but this son of eve still loves the ex who is also a classmate.He does all her assignments,runs her errands. I do not know how to fight, am in love with him. Heavens hear my cry and boom she is pregnant, with her new” protective” guy (my boyfriend is heartbroken). That granted my bad and sweet relationship 3 years. But still I always felt second.He was still running errands for other ladies and doing them favors left right and center. It all stopped when I got to “my house” at his work center because he wasn’t answering and dumb me thought he might be sick, lemme rush. Shock on me the lady she runs errands for is in my stockings and his vest, pantyless in bed, and even knows me by name, tells me she is sorry.I turn and leave never to return. I was the second woman.
Am not willing to make an attempt at love and it is my last year in campus. I chose the down path, dating mature men (the biggest con statement). I get myself into relationships where I know am the second, and now I do it willingly, without blinking an eye. The type of relationships where, you know you are not special and you do not give a f*ck about it.
When Emily Hunn calls, you take it to him and say, she is calling and laugh at their conversation. Son of the soil even lies that he wants to speak to his 1-year-old son (am now a baby mama and I know this is utter nonsense), I just laugh and tell him to just go talk. After 6months am ghosted and baaam, I get me another betrayer of Jesus.

This betrayer was my worst failure as a woman in her 20s. I fall in love with him. But this time one leg is in another leg is out, and I remember am here for fun. The party ceases when I realize, the cock in my mother ‘s compound is less generous than him. I have invested all my thick head, in fact buried it in the sand. I start assuming so much and say man is to err and none is perfect. That gives me the name husband snatcher. The hilarious bit, 4 women are claiming as husband, except me. I take my leave not before I carry a serious souvenir, his daughter, with whom he does not want to associate. And yoh, she is the 8th careless sperm he is donating. (me and new husband love her so much.)
Seems like being single is not something I can be. But still getting a man who is solely mine is not possible. I have a hunch that the angel given the role of providing me with a partner, was abducted.
Recently I got a crush on a luo man. Mans can dress, and can make ovaries twerk from his pictures, and am all restraining myself. I lose all hope when he posts his family during the lockdown. Am not the type to hit on men. Finally, we find a common base on my posts, paaap he is on my inbox. Numbers change holdings and boom the video calls, the long talks (we have even named our baby—-loool), I even bully him into depositing 50k in my account, the luo in him dang did it!!! He is all about his first stop in my area code is to see me. finally, the lockdown in the city is lifted, and his Facebook status tells me he arrived 2hrs ago. He already knows my routine within a month and he is buying me evening tea.
Wait till my allejandro tells peeps, how good of French teacher I am (probably the french kiss), and am also redesigning his house this evening. (this I get to know 4 days later)
His wife is saved as Njeri* Love, the amount of stomachache I get when it pops up the screen, oh nooo. The upside is he queens me, he is at my beck and disposal, makes plans for me, does not treat me as a second woman. But still am not taking it as plus. Am second, and even if I leave today, I will fall into another second position. Luo mans has tamed my horns. Spoilt my daughter and am like, for what it’s worth- peace.
I feel settled knowing, not even in class have I ever been first. We ooze of couple goals, little do they know, am second.
Writers name withheld.

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  • Insightful. I’ve really enjoyed reading this article.Life doesn’t have a manual. If it did we would all live by it. Every day is a chance to learn and change for the better. It’s however wise to learn from other’s mistakes. And when it comes to these sons of Adam we can only live by the good book and ask God to give us the patience we need for Him to lead the right ones to us.