Deputy president addresses his supporters at a past event. Image/courtesy

Deputy president William Ruto has boldly accepted that he is isolated by the president and the Jubilee government. Speaking during an interview with a local TV station, the deputy president have an analogy of how they worked together with Uhuru kenyatta during the first term of the Jubilee government, but things changed after the 2017 elections when the president chose a different path of operation including the priorities of the jubilee government.

He explained that, during the first term of the Jubilee government, he chaired most of the meetings with professionals that were meant to chart a development agenda for the Jubilee government including the connection of electricity and the construction of roads throughout the country.

After the 2017 elections, the DP said that the president chose to bring in strangers into the government thus interrupting the Jubilee plan of developing the country and changing the priorities of the government from development to the building bridges initiative.

He however stated that the president through his actions including on appointing interior CS to supervise the implementation of national government projects broke no law and that he respected his decision as the boss.

Dressing the question over the statement by the president at Sagana state lodge where he said that he won’t leave power to thieves, the deputy president stated that in 2022, the president of Kenya will be elected by the people of Kenya and not appointed (by the president) and thus, it is only the people of Kenya who will vote for the president.

The deputy statement explained how painful it was to be ejected from the Jubilee party headquarters explaining the pain that it took to build the party.

The DP castigated the leadership of the Jubilee party, including mentioning of party chairman Mr. Murat he for appearing on national television drunk including plans to expel senators who have been deemed not to tow the party line.

And for the first time during a live interview, the deputy president insinuated that come next elections, he will quit jubilee party and run on a united democratic party (UDA) ticket in case his membership of Jubilee party becomes untenable.

The DP hovewer stated Cleary that nobody would push him to resign from the government as the deputy president. He stated that he was elected alongside president Uhuru and thus he would never give his detractors a chance to celebrate pushing him from government.

On the ongoing vaccination of Kenyans against the Corona virus, the DP said that the government’s plan to vaccinate all Kenyans was laudable as we were in the middle of a pandemic that all Kenyans should unite in putting an end to. The DP urged all Kenyans to get out and be vaccinated, at the same time urging the government to allow every available vaccine to be brought in the country.

He stated that his decision to go for Russian made Sputnik vaccine was not because he questioned the effectiveness of the AstraZeneca but because he could afford it and thought that it was wise to save the government free doses for Kenyans who could not afford other vaccines.