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Deputy President William Ruto finally supports the BBI report

Deputy President Dr. William Ruto

In a move likely to surprise his political friends and foes, deputy president William Ruto appeared to finally accept the ongoing process of changing the constitution through the #BBI process. In a tweet that must have caught the Kenyan social media users off guard, the DP endorsed changes made to the BBI report after its launch in Bomas . He cited article 10A in the new bill which he said was introduced afterthe launch of the report and specifically highlighted that the article was in support of his “wheelbarrow” movement.

Article 10A partly reads: “this constitution recognizes the need for a economic system that provides equitable opportunities for all the people of Kenya to benefit from economic growth in a comprehensive, fair and equitable manner” and provides an avenue for parliament to enact legislation to give full effect to the article.

see below the tweet by the deputy president

Many expected the DP to lead the NO camp of the BBI. A majority of Kenyans are strongly opposed to the BBI seeing it as a misplaced priority in a period when the livelihoods of a majority of Kenyans have been destroyed by the Coronavirus pandemic.