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25 most useless courses in Kenyan Universities and colleges


Higher education is more of a formal requirement in Kenya and the young generation has turned having a degree no matter how useless it is into a “fashion” that makes one fit within a certain formal class. But most of the degrees offered in the Kenyan University system are useless. The biggest challenge we have in Kenyan education is that we commercialized education and the political class left the task of educating every generation in the hands of a few selfish entrepreneurs. From Primary school, secondary and colleges and universities, all these levels stink of corruption and trickery by a private sector that will do everything to get numbers, which in turn translate to profits for them.

The biggest challenge lies in our college and university education. yet this is the area that the government has neglected most leaving private entrepreneurs to make a killing. Truth be told, most of the mushrooming colleges and universities (private in this case) are simply business enterprises, run by families and business partners and out to exploit the demand for education by offering dubious courses and in most courses at exorbitant prices and end up producing half-baked graduates who end up becoming a burden to their families and to the country.

Universities for example have thrived in coining fancy names to attract students but these courses end up becoming a total waste of time for those who chose them.

According to our research, these are some of the most useless courses that you can take in any university in Kenya.


So many people have done this course up to the Ph.D. level. But apart from adding on the volume of your CV, you will be wasting your time taking an MBA. If you are done with a bachelor’s degree and want to make yourself more marketable, do accounting (CPA) or some other certifications. An MBA is simply a waste of time for a job seeker


Well, unless you are planning to start your own church of which you don’t need a degree in theology to be a man/woman of God, please avoid this course. This course is usually marketed and offered in faith-based universities and meant to attract the faithful, but it adds nothing to your employment life. not forgetting that most churches in Kenya are owned by individuals (Kanyari, Ng’anga, and helicopter of Christ)and for you to have a position in the church, you must know the owner. Avoid this course

Health Records and Information Technology

A course with a fancy name but takes you nowhere, you are neither a medic nor an IT person. More, Most hospitals in Kenya don’t have computers and those which have had people with basic IT skills operating the computers (word and excel graduates). Please don’t waste your life doing this course, unless you are already in a public hospital and are demanded to.

Business Information Technology

Same as number 3 above, you are neither in Business nor in IT, rarely will you ever find a job advert looking for a BBIT graduate. This course was created by Kenyan private Universities purposely to attract more students who feared IT and is not found in any other country unless of course, it is a branch of a Kenyan University. No serious University offers this course. Resist

Journalism and mass media

Media houses in Kenya are no longer looking for papers in this field, they would rather go for celebrities and people with talent. If you have the talent and the looks, walk into any media house and you walk out employed. If you have no talent, well be ready to spend a lifetime tarmacking.

Political Science

Kenya is a political country, where everybody is a political scientist and the demand for qualified people in this field is as low as it can get. Instead of spending four years learning political science, there is better hope in a law degree than in political science

Counseling Psychology

In western countries, this is a great course because counseling is taken as a profession that’s offered in Private. Before you enroll, please do a survey around and ask 10 random people whether they have ever seen a counselor. Chances are that none are, our problems are resolved by the local pastor or in churches by casting out demons

Peace and conflict resolution

Okay, If you enroll for this course, where exactly do you plan to enroll for a job at? Somalia?

Development studies

I dont know about this course, but it just popped up from a local University’s brochure, what do you learn in this course if i may ask?

Information Science and library

This course is in the field of library, in Kenya we have few public libraries, and the jobs there are inherited by people who never made it to a library class. the other places you can work is in institutional libraries and I’m certain the field is already flooded with jobless graduates.

Analytical Chemistry

Not all courses with hard or scientific/engineering names are good, this is certainly one of them.


Just like analytical chemistry, this is a course you will study and spend a lifetime using hard biological terms but still live jobless

Nutrition and Dietetics

Very few hospitals in Kenya employ professionals in this field, and indeed, not all medical courses are marketable. resist this if you can

Tours and travel management

You need no certification to work in this field, and as you know Kenyans are entrepreneurial so even people who never saw a college door operate tours and travel agencies. If you are into tours and travel, you don’t need to waste 4 years and hundreds of thousands doing this course, quit that class, and get into business.

Food science

Take this course and chances are that you will spend much of your time doing stuff you never studied for.

Biomedical Technology

As we said earlier, not all courses that have tough Biological or engineering names are good courses. This is one of the useless courses that will balden your head before you finish college/university and then walk around jobless for life. Resist, don’t gamble with your future

Chemical Engineering

A Chemical Engineering degree is as good as useless in the country. No jobs, no opportunities, and worst still, very few universities are equipped to offer such a course. However, there are lots of opportunities available beyond borders in developed states such as Russia and America. What’s worse is that these countries possibly might not regard your Kenyan degree.

Actuarial Science

A good course that has no market locally. Most insurance companies in Kenya are still traditional, ran like kiosks, and applying ancient tools to survive in the market because their owners don’t want to spend much to run their businesses.


This is where the mess is because most of you reading this are affected. Nearly everyone in the university is taking up BCOM. Although the degree is quite sought-after by employers today, it is one of the least marketable courses. It is predicted that the field will soon be flooded as thousands of people graduate with such certificates every year.

Environmental Science

Environmental Science is one of the least marketable courses in Kenya. At the moment, there are few prospects for diploma holders. Companies need high-level, experienced individuals. Securing an excellent job will mean getting a lot of experience from paid or unpaid internships. Why waste close to five years working on getting experience without getting paid while you can pursue a sought-for degree?


As you might be aware, this field involves weather and climate change in the earth. Well, we have many weather apps in the country, and so your services might not be needed. Many companies have replaced their meteorology departments with computer systems and apps which are relatively accurate. Also, there are few meteorology centers in the country. Therefore, if you are not outstanding, you will end up doing some odd jobs for the rest of your life.


Only a few graduates from this course get employed. Few organizations and companies require Forestry experts. Thus, opportunities are limited as only the best get jobs. Now, you don’t want to gamble with your future, avoid this course if you can.


Anthropology is the study of humankind in a broad comparative approach. Graduates here know how societies are formed. With many people opting to pursue the course, it is next to impossible to get hired as there are few to no job openings. Many employers do not need services provided by anthropologists

Physical education

I laughed when i was told that there are people who still do this course in Kenya, Come on. The programme equips learners with psychomotor knowledge that is aimed at promoting play in secondary and primary education. Today, not many schools are very keen on having the services of such experts.

All Art Courses

Ranging from drama, acting, music, and so on, some art courses are considered to be less serious degrees that only require cramming exam answers and a little creativity. With this in mind, anyone can do them quickly hence, the reason why such fields are usually crowded.


This is one of the courses that in a real sense should be very marketable, but our criminal justice system is so difficult to understand and revolves around trained personnel by the government security agencies. With the rising insecurity cases in the country, one would think that experts in this field have lots of opportunities. Security firms and chiefs no longer need the services of such experts. With this degree, you will end up settling in a field far from what you studied.

Finally, most courses offered in your local colleges including the likes of PR, Purchasing and supplies, HR, entrepreneurship, stock control, advertising, and many more, are useless courses that will never take you anywhere. These courses are usually offered by mushrooming colleges located in every corner of our towns, please don’t waste your life. Mind you, instead of paying to do hairdressing in a college, go to a salon and learn the art itself from the experts, the same thing about tailoring and such, learn on the job and resist the temptation of wasting fees in a college.

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